Your Fun “To Do” Listing at Telemung Banyuwangi.

To Do List at Telemung Banyuwangi near the city of Banyuwangi in East Java is best known for its massive coffee plantation that generates the most fragrant Kopi Luwak, or civet coffee, which Oprah Winfrey dubbed as “the most expensive coffee in the world.” Therefore, while you’re in Banyuwangi why not visit the plantation and find out how this most fragrant and tasty coffee is produced and processed

So let us begin the journey at Telemung with these enjoyable experiences that you could enjoy more than the great taste of the coffee

Explore the village

Before researching the plantation why not tour the village in the cool mountain air, and see the way the sailors live every day around their homes, livestock, and gardens. For besides coffee, Telemung additionally breeds Ettawa Goats that are valuable for its milk. And there is also home-made handicraft of bamboo-woven Kopiah, a headpiece commonly utilized by men.

See numerous kinds of coffee plants

The prima donna of all Telemung is, of course, the Luwak Robusta coffee that generates a thicker consistency and bitterness preferred by strong coffee lovers. Stroll around the plantation to find out the distinction between Robusta, Arabica, and Excelsa that are grown around the village.

Selecting coffee beans

Then it is time to learn from the pros how to select decent coffee bean. Throughout the village, there are lady farmers and people who devote their every morning to seek to find the best berry. Have some fun learning as you walk through the dense plantation filled with fantastic coffee trees.

Learn how to process coffee

The village mostly uses standard and traditional processing strings. Following the pick, the beans are washed, dried, peeled, strained, roasted and ground. Try to do each step yourself, to experience the long and patient hours taken to make one bag of coffee that is perfect. The roasting process is a part of the most crucial phase and is still done with a basic claypan on top of a wood-fueled open stove.

Make your very own cup of perfection

When everything is ground to a soft powdered coffee, it is time to learn how to brew. There are so many methods to do so, but here it is still about basics and easy touches to get an original taste of the Luwak Coffee.

Meet Kimmy the Luwak

And for that cherry on top, meet Kimmy, the name behind this famed Kimmy Omah Kopi in Telemung. Kimmy is a black puppy civet cared from the owner and nurtured to be the star whenever visitors ask about what civets look like. Wild Civets are nocturnal animals who usually seek coffee berry through the night before they excrete this the morning after.

So on your next journey to Banyuwangi, be sure to stop by at Telemung and explore the neighborhood coffee wonder. Don’t forget to bring some packs for your family members at home!

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