What to Look For In DUI Attorney

Before you hire a DUI lawyer, or any other type of attorney in Las Vegas, it is always important that you try your level best to meet him first. Most of the lawyers will not charge you to meet with them while you’re looking for someone to handle your case. Being accused of driving under the influence can be quite a scary ordeal, however actually obtaining a conviction along the prospects of a DUI on your record or even jail time can be far worse.

In order for you to avoid any such circumstances, it is always advisable that you should never drink and drive, but if it does occur, and you are arrested it is crucial you retain a quality DUI lawyer to help you through it all. You need to know a few important factors you should look for from an ideal out of state DUI lawyer. The first step is to get online and search an attorney in Las Vegas who specializes in drunken driving cases in and out of your state; wade through the list of websites and inspect them for the following attributes:3

Specialist: You want to hire an attorney in Las Vegas who devotes each and every day to defending individuals charged with similar offenses; stay away from Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers or general practitioners. You want to get a lawyer with at least five years of experience dealing with these types of cases.

Education: Much of the success specialists have in representing clients comes from their specific knowledge base pertaining to blood alcohol levels and how the body responds or reacts when under the influence. Check to see that your DUI lawyer has undergone training in this regard. Your lawyer should also be familiar with breath testers, especially the particular device used on you during the arrest.

Law: Of course, you want an individual who you are assured is an authority in the file of drinking and driving in your designated state. Be sure that your attorney in Las Vegas has no record of disciplinary action or complaints against them.

Once you have yourself a list of potential candidates, the next step is to put together a checklist and place a mark next to each attribute met by the lawyer. When the list has been downsized, it is time to call in each DUI lawyer and set up a meeting. Most lawyers offer the initial consultation free of charge as a way to inform potential clients as to their fees and policies.

After each DUI lawyer has been contacted, it’s time to make a decision. At this point, you probably have a fairly good idea of who will get your business. The important thing is picking someone who you can trust and with whom you feel comfortable with.


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