What Is Citizenship By Investment And Which Countries Are The Best For This Project?

Did you know it is very possible to acquire citizenship on the basis of your economic importance? Although only very few countries offer this citizenship by investment services. Citizenship by the investment is a situation where an individual acquires immediate citizenship of another country. This is due to their ability to contribute to the economy, well being, or upward development of such country. The NGE is an organization well acquainted with such services, and can offer all information needed.

This program is often geared at attracting foreign investors. Especially individuals who can immensely donate to a key aspect of the country’s progress. The countries best for this project would be given below:


Facts have proven Cyprus to be among the top countries running the citizenship by investment services. With a jaw-dropping $2million, you could easily bag a citizenship there. These figures are not essentially fixed, but investing that much would definitely speed up the process. You could also invest in real estate, government bonds, infrastructural development or even a bank deposit. There’s quite a kick to their citizenship by investment program. You’re required to have over €500,000 Permanently in Cyprus.


The Maltese citizenship, it’s quite flexible than that of Cyprus. For the Maltese citizenship by investment services, you have to make a donation to the government, which could cost over €470,000 depending on your economic status. It also requires that you invest in Maltese stocks or Maltese real estate for over 5 years.
You also have to purchase a home ranging between €250,000-€350,000. If that won’t be doable, you could also go into a 5-year lease for nothing less than €14,550 or €16,000. It is mandatory that you spend over 1year 3months in Malta before the citizenship is issued. The NGE can help in making this possible.


For the Dominican passport, you’re expected to grant nothing less than $100,000. This citizenship by investment service places emphasis on the ability to communicate effectively in the English language. So as a foreign investor, you should be able to fluently speak the English language or be subjected to all forms of intense review.


For Turkey, the move was as clear as it could be. They needed foreign investors and offered citizenship in exchange for investment of $1million in specifically real estate. A condition was attached to it. You couldn’t sell off the property till you’ve owned it for over a duration of 36 months.
If you’re in need of dual citizenship, you could easily try any of the above countries. Provided you have the financial capability of being a major investor.

NGE is a trusted organization which offers these services readily. However, if you are located in any of these countries, be sure to participate as you have a lot to gain.

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