Top 4 ‘The’ Famous Foods of Charleston

Charleston is a city with rich history and amazing greenery. Its close proximity to coastal line is reflected in its cuisine. For eating like a local, the best way will be to request your host or landlord to prepare some iconic dishes. Alternatively, you can visit the restaurants which have put in their take on the typical dishes of Charleston. Listed here are the top 5 famous foods of Charleston that you must try when you are guest to this wonderful city.

  • Stew:

Charleston cuisine uses sea animals in plenty. It is actually very rich in nutrients and great in taste too. Stews are given different names like Lowcountry Boil, or Frogmore Boil, etc. But, the main ingredients assembled, boiled and spiced to create an amazing dish include corn, shrimp, potatoes and sausages. You must look for this dish in any restaurant menu while on Charleston Food Tour.

  • Cheesy fried green tomato Po Boy:

This is actually a sandwich with lots of flavors and fresh ingredients. This classy comfort food of Charleston is made using green tomato patties, enriched with Pimento cheese and stuffed in hot dog style. So, grab it while on go during the street walks and you will never feel famished.

  • Bacon pie Pizza:

Your taste buds yearning for Pizza will certainly find a delicious match in the form of Bacon Pizza. The pizza has sweet sour topping of bacon pie, pepperoni and sausages and is sure to stay in your culinary memories of this place long after you are gone from here.

  • Okra soup:

This is one of the unique dishes where tomato and okra are stewed using mild to strong flavors. So, when you want a break from the sea foods and chicken, you can try this wonderful dish which is quite easy on stomach.

So, book a food and wine tour that focuses on introducing you to rich culinary heritage of Charleston and enjoy this city the best way!

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