Things you are doing wrong while cleaning.

You might be wondering how does it even matter what household chores you are doing right and which ones you aren’t. After all its just cleaning, the end result should be having a tidy home. But, here is the part that you are wrong. Sure, you are not about to win a trophy for cleaning the right way but isn’t it better if you did clean the ‘right way’? This will also save a considerable amount of your time, resources, and effort. Are you ready for the changes? Then, here are the common mistakes that you make while cleaning.

Update your daily cleaning regime with the below-mentioned tips and tricks.

  • When do you clean your windows?

Can there be a fixed time to clean your windows? Yes, there is undoubtedly. Never make the mistake of cleaning your windows when the sun is shining brightly outside. Your windows will end up drying quickly which will leave behind scratch marks and streaks. You must start cleaning your windows on a cloudy day. Sweep the frame, window, and screen first. If you are using a vacuum cleaner, do not forget the dusting attachment. It will take care of the dust and prevent mud from piling up. Always use a microfiber cloth for cleaning the glass and not a newspaper. If you want to enjoy great deals on the purchases of your cleaning supplies, then check out https://www.hotozcoupons.com.au/. The kind of deals and offers they have will blow your mind away.

  • How much detergent should you use?

When you are doing your laundry, do you use a cap full of detergent? As per recommended? You will be shocked to know that is the wrong way of cleaning your clothes. There is entirely no need for such amount of laundry detergent; a small amount will clean your clothes just fine.

However, when you use a lot of detergents it might leave your clothes greasy. The sud will end up attracting excessive bacteria in the fabric’s crease

  • Too much foam or too little foam?

Foam looks cool, doesn’t it? But, how much foam is too much foam? When you use too much foam to clean it ends up reducing the movement of the fibres. It will reduce the pace at which cleaning is taking place. It is applicable for doing your dishes or wiping the glass. The excessive foam will not clean up all the dirt efficiently. Always use a small amount of foam for cleaning purpose. You will even protect the environment a little.

  • How are you placing things in the dishwasher?

Can there be a way of placing your utensils inside the dishwasher? Well, yes. You can jam everything inside, can you? The washing process won’t work if you jam everything together. There is a certain way. Alternately place your spoons (i.e. if the handle of one is up that of the other should be down). Keep all the fork facing the same way. Never mix your stainless steel flatware with silverware. Stacking items will prevent the water from spraying properly on all the dishes from top to bottom.

If some items are way too dirty, then place them on the bottom rack. They should face the centre. It will keep them close to the spray arm. Don’t toss the detergent pod with the dishes, place in the dispenser.

  • Did you clean the wiper?

Your mop comes in contact with an unimaginable number of bacteria every day, moving from one room to the other. But, we never think about giving the time to clean it. Once you are done washing your home, you must wash the removable cloth at high temperature. This will eliminate all the germs and bacteria in it. Try to be extra hygienic and change your wiper cloth after every few months. You can even clean all the clothes you use to wash together.

  • Don’t throw away your shower curtains –

Your shower curtain liner looks dirty, what should you do during such times? Throwing it away is obviously not a solution. Instead place it inside the washing machine, add some laundry detergent and let it clean. For extra effect, you can even toss in your old towels. It will remove all the mildew. Once dried, it will be ready to use again.

These are some of the mistakes that you have been making while cleaning. Now, is the best time to start cleaning.

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