The Value Of A Community College Degree

For a growing number of high school graduates, a four year college degree is beyond reach. So many students are limited by a lack of finances, inadequate high school performance and lack of a mentor. There are excellent alternatives to a four year degree. Highly skilled trades and professionals require advanced training, but not necessarily in the form of a four year degree. Take a closer look at your local community college and you might be surprised at what you find.


One of the great equalizers in community college is that everyone that applies is accepted. Decades ago, community college was limited to training for carpenters, auto mechanics and child. With the advent of advanced manufacturing and highly skilled service industries, the community colleges are training today’s high school graduates for highly paid jobs that can support families.

If you’ve ever taken advantage of the awesome savings of a Groupon coupon at your hair salon, chances are your stylist was trained at a local community college. The chef that prepared your amazing meal at a local restaurant might also have been trained at a local community college. Many of the graduates we see on a daily basis in the service industry, others are working in supply chain management and advanced aeronautics repair and calibration. As our economy has become more highly mechanized, so has the need grown for more skilled labor. Take a closer look at the offerings at your local community college and you’re than like to find a career track that matches your interests and talents. On the other hand, if you just want to brush up on your computer skills, take a photography class or learn more about nutrition, the community college is the place to be!

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Mechelle Persaud

Mechelle Persaud

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