The Causes And Consequences Of Global Warming

One of the most important problems that politicians, environmental activists and scientists need to address now is global warming. The issue affects every human being and creature living on this planet who dependent upon its ecosystem.  The people responsible for dealing with this issue need to find permanent solution to it in the near future. Otherwise, it will have serious consequences for future generations. An increase in carbon dioxide immersions will result in an increase in temperature on the land and sea. Due to this, there will be a change rainfall patterns, melt glaciers, increase droughts and cause severe storms. This will have a negative effect on agriculture in addition to changing human, plant and animal behavior.

Jonathan Schrag, the Founding Partner of the Hudson Strategic Energy and a Senior Director at the Environmental Defense Fund says the main causes of global warming are as follows:Related image

  • Excessive carbon emission from power plants burning fossil fuels

There is an ever-increasing demand to generate electricity from burning carbon fossils for human consumption. This results in a release of large quantities of carbon dioxide gas into the atmosphere. With the introduction of more electronic devices in the market and without a feasible alternative energy source, such emissions will continue to increase.

  • Methane emissions from animals

Methane is another dangerous greenhouse gas that ranks second to carbon dioxide. The release of this gas takes place when organic matter breaks down with the help of bacteria in the absence of oxygen.  This process also occurs in the intestines of animals that eat plants like cattle. Enormous quantities of this gas escapes into atmosphere where there is large concentration of such livestock. The emission of this gas from the Arctic seabed increases the rate of global warming.

  • Deforestation

The human demand for wood products for paper and fuel is the main reason for deforestation in many parts of the world. In addition to this, there is also an increasing need to cut down forest and turn them into farmlands. Forests store carbon dioxide and their widespread destruction results in an increase in the emissions of this gas into the atmosphere.

  • Increasing use of chemical fertilizers

In the last 50 years, there has been an increase in the use of chemical fertilizers to grow more crops to feed a growing human population. The uses of such chemicals, which have high quantities of nitrogen, affect the heat storage of agricultural land. It also results in ‘dead zones’ in the oceans and has a negative effect on groundwater.

Jonathan Schrag explains that if global warming continues at its present rate, it will lead to an increase in sea levels. This will have a negative effect on the people living in coastal areas in many parts of the world. In addition, human beings will also experience more killer storms in the form of hurricanes and massive famines due to crop failure. This will ultimately threaten human existence on this planet, lead to a loss of coral reef and extinction of many animal species.

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