The camera application of the Samsung Galaxy S9

What has not changed much since the S7 Edge is the camera application is The photo app that brings the Samsung Galaxy S8 has an interface virtually identical to the one that had its predecessor, and the few new features it incorporates are summarized in the gestures to switch from the main camera to the front camera (which already received in its Day its predecessor) and some stickers (that is, stickers) that allow us to customize the faces of people in real time. The company is going to launch a new modish smartphone next year, and according to the rumor, its camera, like wow, you would say. The 16MP + 16MP Dual lens camera and 8MP front camera offering the highest quality of pictures and videos, a wide range of colors, realistic photos; in a resemblance to DSLR.

Otherwise, our opinion on this application in Galaxy S8 can be summarized in that we have no complaints about its operation: it is very, very fast when it comes to immortalizing the photographs, and all the configuration options that we may need are within reach of a pair Of touches on the screen. In addition, we have additional modes of photography (Professional Mode, Selective Focus, Slow Motion, etc.) that in certain situations allow us to squeeze even more the potential of the camera. Same is with the Galaxy S9, if you have a craze of photography or the photography is your passion or profession, then no doubt, Galaxy S9 is the best option – utilitarian and thrifty smartphone for you, and you should not miss it, coming out at the beginning of next year.

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Are you interested in learning more about the camera of this mobile? Well aware, because we have devoted an entire article to the analysis of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9.

In the new Galaxy S8, Samsung has managed to give life to a camera that, once the tests, encourages you to spend hours taking pictures of everything that surrounds you. It is difficult to find a situation in which this camera has problems to give the best of itself to the first shot, and the sensor is complemented by a layer of software so well polished that, for the great majority of mortals, at no time is needed Exit the automatic camera application mode to obtain the best possible result. In Galaxy S9, we can enjoy the various new interesting modes – slow motion mode, boomerang, and some are unrevealed by company presently.

The maximum resolution at which we can immortalize the pictures with the S8 camera is 4,032 x 3,024 pixels (with the format 4: 3, and if we want to activate the 16: 9 we should lower the resolution to 4,032 x 2,268 pixels), While videos can be recorded in both 4K resolution (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) and lower resolutions (QHD, Full HD at 60 fps, Full HD …). Of course, we also have slow motion video recording, with HD resolution at 240 frames per second. Hope, Galaxy S9 would match to its leaked news, rumors and expectations.



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