Teaching Kids to Type Quickly

Keyboarding is a skill that people are expected to bring with them to the job market.  They must know how to type at a fast speed without having to look down at the keys on the keyboard as they work.  

Most people learn this skill in elementary or middle school.  However, some children pick it up faster than others. When you want to give every student the same opportunity to learn at the same pace, you can invest in computers, screens, and a keyboard cover for every workstation in your classroom.

Finding the Home Row

Kids and adults alike need some sort of physical clue to find the home row on the keyboard.  When all of the letters are covered up, it can be difficult for some people to gauge where that row is and what letters make up that row.  

To make things simpler, you might want to invest in covers that have some sort of physical clue or marker for the home row keys.  The covers you can buy online have raised bumps over the letters “J” and “F” so your students know where to place their forefingers.  The rest of their fingertips can then fall naturally over the home row buttons so they can begin typing.

Bright Color

The cover comes in a bright color so your students know what letters are hidden from them.  The cover does not conceal the 10-key pad, for example. It also does not cover the Tab, Caps Lock, or Shift buttons on the left side of the keyboard.  These buttons can be difficult to remember and awkward to reach for if they are covered up.

The cover is also made from a soft rubber material that can make typing more comfortable.  Your students will not be wearing out their fingertips tapping on hard plastic keys. The rubber makes the experience more enjoyable.

A cover for your workstation keyboards can be just the item to teach students how to type faster.  You can buy the exact number you need for your classroom when you shop online today.


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Joyce Randall

Joyce Randall

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