Some Alternatives of Shopping in Makassar

Shopping can be one of the things to do during the holiday or travelling. In this case, there can be many things to buy. Of course, it will be great to buy several merchandises of souvenirs as the gifts for the loved ones. This will be great when there is destination that can provide good shopping spots to find those souvenirs. In this case, for tourists who are visiting East Indonesia, Makassar can be the right choice for shopping. Surely, shopping in makassar will never make people disappointed. As the largest city in eastern part of Indonesia, Makassar can provide tourists with various shopping destinations. This city has both modern and traditional shopping destinations, so this is the great place for shopping.

For the modern shopping, Makassar has Trans Studio Mall Makassar. This is the great destination for shopping in makassar, especially for people who love to explore the mall. This mall has pretty large area for shopping. There are many kinds of brands and famous brands can be found in this mall. The international, national and local brands can be found in this mall. As what malls offer, there are many outlets selling clothes, electronic tools and gadgets, and many other items. The good thing about this mall is about the theme park. Trans Studio Mall Makassar has integrated amusement park. This can be good alternative for tourists who want to have pleasure and quality time by enjoying the theme park.

Of course, Makassar is not only for modern shopping destinations. In fact, Makassar is also city known as the right place to find various souvenirs made from gold and pearls. The traditional shops are the right destination to find the souvenirs. Many great souvenirs made by creative hands are possible to find in several area of traditional shopping.

  • One of the best spot for shopping in Makassar is Somba Opu street. This street becomes so special because there are many shops in the street. Tourists can visit this street and explore the souvenirs offered by the shops in this area. There are many shops selling many kinds of souvenirs made by the pearls and gold. For the pearls, there are cultivated and natural pearls and some of them are found in the deep sea of Papua and Ambon. Then, there are also some wood crafts made by the Balinese, and many other things.
  • Related to the traditional shopping, tourists must find the hand-woven silks of Makassar. The silks are woven with the traditional tool. Although this is still so traditional, the results are so great. The traditional tools and the great hands of Makassar women can create the unique pattern and design of silks. This can be found in Tana Toraja to see the process and get the original silks. There are also some shops selling the silks if tourists want to get the faster and easier access. Of course, tourists must have the collection of the silks as part of the gifts or souvenirs since this is the authentic gifts offered by Makassar.
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