Proper maintenance of 3D wall panels

Blank walls make a room dull and boring. If you are looking to make a great impression on guests in your home or your office, 3D wall panels are the way to go. The panels give your residence and your office an aura of elegance, sophistication and enhance the charm of any space with minimal effort. If you are looking to install wall panels, you must know how to properly maintain them to give them a longer lifespan.

Know the type of panel you are installing

The material used in making the 3D panels will dictate how you maintain them. The base of the panel is usually a durable substance like gypsum, MDF, and particleboard. Then the top finish and decorative material could be patterned fabric, printed paper or laminate. Knowing the material used as the base and that used as the top finish will enable you take better care of the panels.

Dust on a regular basis

Patterned panels are great at concealing dust that accumulates over time. Use a feather duster or a dry lint-free cloth to lightly dust the surface of the panel on a daily basis, or you can periodically vacuum the surface.

Keep away from sunlight

The top patterned finish will fade if exposed to sunlight for a long duration. Ensure that the panels are installed away from doors, windows and any other inlets of direct sunlight. You can also use louvered blinds and curtains on your windows to soften the sunrays that fall on to the 3D wall panels.

Clean splatters immediately

If you often have young children in the house, it is inevitable to have splatters and stains on most surfaces in the house. If they are left without cleaning for a while, they could leave a permanent stain. It is crucial that you attend the stains as soon as possible. Gently clean the spot using a soft piece of cloth and soapy water. Remember if you are too rough you could damage the finish.

Keep them dry

If the panels are exposed to damp conditions, they will start to wrap. Also, if the panels have a laminate or paper finish, it might start to separate from the surface if left in the damp conditions for too long. That is why wall panels should not be installed in bathrooms or kitchens. Ensure you clean off any splashes as soon as possible. Keep an eye out for damp patches on the panels. Remember to cover the panels when renovating the house.

One benefit of choosing 3D wall panels is the fact that you have numerous options to choose from. However, you have to maintain them, so they last longer.


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