Pearl Quality Needed for Engagement Rings

Like for the other gems, a number of factors contribute to the value and beauty of pearls. However, evaluation of pearls is somewhat different than other gems. The most significant factors for quality are:

  • Colour
  • Lustre
  • Shape
  • Size
  • Surface


Most of the pearls are found in white colour however, they are available in many colours e.g. black, pink, gold, silver, lavender and peach. Colour will depend on the mollusc type which produces it and also its environment.

While choosing pearl colour it is usually personal preference, particularly like pearl engagement rings. Still pearl colours can affect the value.

Usually pure white, rich gold or true black will command better price. Peach and brown colours are less expensive.


The lustre is one of the paramount quality factors of pearls. Lustre will indicate how much brilliance or glow pearl can give off. Brighter the pearl with sharper reflection, it will be considered more beautiful and costly.

Pearls may exhibit orient, iridescent display with rainbow colours too. Orient usually makes the pearl more valuable.


Controlling or predicting the pearl shape will depend upon what the molluscs that produces it and it is extremely difficult to manipulate. Baroque pearls are one of the most common forms which are pearls having irregular shape.

Round shaped pearls are rarest, so they attract more value.

Ideally, any round pearls must be perfect spheres and not oval or without any dimples or rings. It must have even all-around lustre distribution and colour.

Most ring designs may cover the pearl’s bottom part. A round pearl having blemish on one side can cost less. The ring setting may easily disguise the blemish.


Pearls price exponentially increases with size. For any pearl engagement ring’s centre stone, buy one eight millimetre or larger. However, before that you must consider other factors first and then make your best choice.


Surface is closely related with its shape; refer to smoothness and cleanness about the pearl. Ideally, there should be no scratches, dimples or other irregularities. Any irregularities around a pearl, e.g. groove or ring, can affect both its value and shape.

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