Only Honest Goals Can Be Achievable Goals: A Reality Check

What does one mean by achievable? For example: consider a regular person who wants to add 25 lbs of lean mass, while losing 45 lbs of body fat, and take his arms to 23 inches, all in three months and in a completely natural way. That’s quite specific, and he could certainly measure it using a measuring tape and through body fat analysis. Is that a great goal? No. The truth is, even with mutant genetics, and even through a massive suppression of myostatin expression built into his genes from birth, this is never going to happen. Human body does not work like that, and most certainly not in three months.

Do not set unrealistic goals

Okay, that goal was unrealistic. Here’s a better example. If you have a goal to lose 50 lbs, is it achievable? Well yes, that is achievable in three months, possibly with a lot of hard work and proper guidance. But, that is not the full answer, because it is only a theoretical answer. What you need to do is to be brutally honest with yourself and ask: Is that achievable for you? And here ‘you’ means the fullest definition of ‘you’, to include your life circumstances as well as your genetics. After all, you may be capable genetically but not have the required money or be over-committed in terms of work and family life. Or maybe the achievement of that goal requires a commitment of time and resources that you are not prepared to give. You can use several steroids and can even get median results from a Dianabol cycle and other renowned brands and it means that your goal could still be achievable.

Always be honest with yourself

Some of you may even be honest enough with yourselves and say: I do not want to work as hard as achieving that goal would require me to do. You actully dramatically increase your chance of success by just being honest with yourself.

If your goal is not achievable for you, change it, keep changing your goals until you have a goal that you can honestly achieve and work hard for. Obviously a goal should not be so easy that it requires no effort to achieve, but it should not be so far away that you get scared by the amount of time and labour that is required to achieve it.

Big goals can be achieved by looking at them differently, so do not give up.

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Joyce Randall

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