Information Technology & Computer Science: What’s the Difference?  

Most people assume that information technology and computer engineering are one in the same. Actually, however, these two fields are quite different. Each requires different training and will give the individual different career opportunities down the line. Choose the information technology undergraduate in Iowa, for example, and you’ll have the chance to work as a security analyst, a web or software developer, a network administrator, or in a myriad of other interesting and high-paying industries.

A degree in computer engineering, on the other hand, would allow you to work as a systems engineer, in computer design, or in scientific research. Before choosing a definitive major for your undergraduate career, it’s important to weigh your various options. Below, we’ll outline key information about each one of these degrees to help you better make your final decision and embark on a worthwhile career.

Information Technology

An information technology undergraduate in Iowa is called an IT degree for short. These degrees create IT professionals who use technology in their day-to-day work. An IT specialist will utilize existing software, applications, and operating systems in order to create a bigger system that can assist a given business with a goal or set of goals.

IT specialists essentially construct networks and set-ups in order to help their clients. This means that in addition to working daily with computers and technology, IT specialists also need to have good customer service and professional conduct skills. You may need to explain something quite complicated to an individual or group who has limited knowledge of technology, for example.

Computer Engineering

Instead of using computers and networks, computer engineers actually create the computer parts that IT specialists will be using. They conduct research beforehand, then implement their knowledge in order to design and develop pieces of technological equipment like video cards, microchips, circuit boards, and routers.

Essentially, if you are a computer engineer, you’re very much like an engineer in other engineering fields, particularly in electrical areas. Computer engineers need to have a solid grasp of hardware to software integration, and they need to be proficient with computer science fundamentals in order to create the hardware that will be later used by people like IT specialists.

Weigh Your Priorities and Make the Right Choice for Your Future

If you’re still confused on where the line is between an information technology undergraduate in Iowa and a computer engineering undergraduate, think of it like this: Computer engineers are like the construction workers and architects who design and create the “house.” Inside the house, you’ll find IT professionals, living there and using the appliances within efficiently and effectively to accomplish a goal or set of goals.

So, who do you want to be? Regardless of what you choose, remember that both of these areas of technology can lead to excellent, well-paying careers. Decide what catches your eye and strikes your fancy, and pursue it!

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