Go Digital: Used Car Market Gets a New Spin

The market of used cars has been showing a very steady growth over the last few years. The number of people who are buying used cars is increasing steadily. So far the traditional offline channels of dealerships and private owners are the more popular and widely used channels. People still prefer to buy used cars via dealers or employ brokers who connect them to private owners looking to sell their car. But this is changing now. More and more people are looking to use the online channels. Let’s look at which are the popular online channels people are using to search for used Ford EcoSport in Bangalore.

Mobile Apps

Mobile app of portals like OLX and Quickr has made it very easy for buyers and sellers to connect with each other. Buyers can simply log into the app, search for the make and model of the car, and get a list of sellers. The price and other details of the car is made available. The buyer can contact the seller through the app and if everything works out fine, then you have a deal!

Online Aggregators

Introduction of online aggregators has made a huge difference to people who are looking to buy pre-owned cars in India. These aggregators compile the list of used cars listed by people on different websites and present them in one single location for the buyer. The buyer can then compare apples to apples and make a wise decision.

Digital Marketplaces

People who usually look to buy a used car also look for a more end-to-end service. You find that on digital marketplaces being operated by some startups. Here in addition to selling used cars, they offer additional services like letting you book test drives, getting your loans approved, and getting paperwork done.

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