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Cooking is an art. So, is presenting food on the table. It takes a lot of creativity to present food in a way that people want to take pictures of the presentation and upload them on social media. This does not happen in one day. It takes a lot of hard work and effort to take food preparation and presentation to the next level. Susie Rachele is a food stylist who loves to style food for the cameras. Food styling is usually done for the cover of magazines or books or food blogs. Earlier people used to decorate the dishes with artificial colors and other ingredients to make them look good on screen. However, with the advanced technology and modern day camera, you will not have to paint food to make them look good.

If you want to become a food stylist, you would have to have some special qualities. Without this the styling might not come from the heart. You need to have the passion for doing things differently. You need to have the urge to create something new every day. This urge this passion and this strive for something better and higher will eventually help you climb the ladder and become a successful food stylist. You would have to absolutely love doing what you do. Remember that without love nothing would every work out for better.

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Susie Rachele has been styling food for a long time. She has presented food many occasions. In fact, her social media profiles are loaded with images of uniquely styled dishes. This shows her ultimate passion for food and anything related to food. The presentation also makes a difference as she loves to decorate the dishes in ways that they would adorn the pages of magazines or books. Even to successfully decorate a food blog you would need food stylist. You would need someone who will help you get images of food so appealing that people would come back for more of your blog posts.

To be a food stylist, you would have to know how to cook well. No, the requirement does not stop here. You would have to really good at cooking. Yes, it is important that you cook well to be a successful food stylist. Also, you will have to love to cook. Without the love for cooking you will not be able to pay attention to the details which is required to become a successful food stylist.

Love and passion both are required to make it big in this industry. The work requires putting on long hours. You would have to work under pressure. Susie says you would even have to keep preparing something until it is properly done. This dedication is hard to master if you are not in love with the process of cooking and presenting food for the camera.

The best thing about this job is the changes. Yes, each client is different. Each shot that you take is different too. For this reason, there is no chance of getting bored.

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