Finding the Contribution of A Great Leader and Financial Expert

Corporate finance is a vital area of financial management that deals with all important monetary decisions undertaken by high profile business enterprises for its effective operation. The fundamental objective of corporate finance is maximization of shareholders value and worth of resources used in a corporate business. Depending on the job accountability, a financial manager is responsible to take care of the complex areas of corporate finance.

Dessa Bokides, a distinguished financial expert and has been operational in the field of financial management for more than decades says that capital investment decision which is closely related with corporate finance is a long term project. The complexity of the area requires involvement of corporate board members since it combines decision making relating to investment, equity, debt finance as well as dividend distribution factors.

The professional specialized in financial management has been positioned as the Chief Finance Manager with the internationally known DFC Global Group. When it comes to non-standard financial products, the name of DFC Global enters into the scenario spontaneously. The American corporate DFC Global is acknowledged as one of the fastest growing the largest providers of consumer financial services in the global map. Having been operational over 30 years, the enterprise reaches its valued clients through web based sites apart from operating from more than 1300 retail outlets all through the world. The countries where it has presentation include UK, US, Spain, Canada, Poland, Romania and others.

Considering the present complexities of business world, Dessa Bokides considers that an individual functioning in this role should have detailed understanding about how a business enterprise can perform optimally with the specialized support of financial department. Similar to the most dependable departments like marketing, project management or operation the financial department has great role in effective functioning of a business house. In her decade’s long professional career in financial management, she has served a number of corporate groups in varied roles concerning financial management area. She performed as the COO and CFO of Galileo Global Education, as CFO of Alta College and EVP and CFO at ProLogis. Apart from the above, she has served as the Vice Prescient (Finance and Treasurer) of Pitney Bowes, as the VP of Goldman Sachs and as the MD of Deutsche Bank.

With an aim and strong determination to serve the American industry as a distinguished financial management professional, subsequent to completion of her graduation Dessa Bokides also earned her Master in Business Administration (MBA) from Columbia University. Apart from her deep knowledge and ability in Finance, she has established her skills in Merger and Acquisition, Business Strategy Development as well as Investment management. She has received high appreciation and awards from different organizations and boards for her devoted services in the segment of financial management. In her vital role in DFC Global as the Chief Financial Manager, she performs her duty with a group of well-informed financial managers, analysts and other team members. Depending on client’s requirements, the team formulates varieties of financial plans as per her guidelines. In the role of leadership, she is simply immense.

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