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Everyone deserves to feel safe and secure in their car. It’s not just your personal, private space; it’s also the space you spend a great deal of time, whether you’re commuting to work or heading off for a day out on the weekend with your family. It’s crucial that you feel protected from the dangers of unexpected accidents when you’re behind the wheel, as well as the possibility of a break-in. Make sure you feel as secure as possible with these quick safety ideas.


Hide your valuables.

If you want to deter thieves from coming anywhere near your vehicle, it’s always best to ensure that any attractive, valuable looking items are hidden well away from view. This may mean taking your briefcase or handbag out of the car when you get out or packing your GPS system into the boot. If you want to make it even more difficult for would-be car thieves to feel tempted by your vehicle, or if you have valuable items that can’t be removed as easily, consider getting tinted windows instead of plain transparent windows for your car. This way, nobody will be able to see anything, and you’ll have a heightened sense of privacy while you travel.


Maintain your focus.


While not every accident will be preventable, there are many times that accidents happen because a driver is not paying sufficient focus to what’s going on around you. It may be another driver that’s to blame for pulling out at the wrong time – but with the right focus you can avoid a collision. To make sure you minimise your odds of getting into an accident and experiencing serious injury to yourself as well as damage to your car, keep your eyes on the road and the cars around you and stay away from your phone or other distractions inside your car. It can be tough when your phone is beeping away, but this tip could save your life. Don’t forget that even talking on speakerphone is a distraction – the conversation can wait, and if it’s urgent, you can always pull over.


Keep a kit in your boot at all times.

It’s always best to be prepared for every possible eventuality. You never know when you may break down and find yourself in a tricky situation, so have an emergency kit waiting in your boot to get you out of the mess if it ever occurs. This kit should include snow and ice removal gear (if you live in an area where snow is a possibility, plenty of water, some snacks like protein bars just in case, a spare tire, a speedy tire repair set, a jack, flares, a horn or something that makes a loud noise, and a spare mobile phone charger or charged phone.


Get maintained regularly.

Create a maintenance schedule for your auto and stick to it. This is an easy way to prevent accidents or breakdowns from occurring before they ever happen, and a great tool to help you stay on top of your vehicle’s health so you’re not left with a far larger repair bill further down the line. Have a regular annual appointment scheduled with your trusted mechanic for a check-up, just as you do with your doctor, to make sure your car is running smoothly at all times.

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