Dog Owners; Longer And Healthier Life

We live in a rather health-conscious society that is also not that careful about their health. It sounds a bit strange at first, but while many of us care about what we eat and how much we exercise, many of us do not really. If you want to have a healthier life, even just by a bit you should get a dog and if you do, then you might want to visit Gordon Vet Hospital.

Researchers do a lot of studies to prove many different things, and one of the studies has shown that dogs can actually prolong our life. When the study started, the researchers were not even aware of the health benefits that our pets can give us, and those small benefits soon turned out to be much bigger and better for our health.

Dogs are very social, so you need to give them as much attention as you can

Specific health conditions

After dogs proved that they make our lives better, not just by being our companions, but by making us more active and lead a healthier lifestyle, the researchers decided to test out how they do with different illnesses.

For example, the cardiovascular disease is responsible for about 1/3 of total deaths in the world, and seniors are the ones who tend to go first because of this; approximately 90% of people who die from this disease are people older than 65.

In this research, the team paid attention to over 4.000 individuals who constantly had high blood pressure, or were diagnosed with hypertension. This is usually the reason why so many people get a heart attack. The study has shown that people who were between 65 and 85 had a high chance of getting a heart attack. If you do have a dog, you should visit a Lindfield vet like Gordon Vet.

The question here was if the pet ownership had any effect on this matter, and as it turns out it does. On a course of 11-years, 24% of people die, and more than half of them died because of high blood pressure. Those who did not die from a heart attack were more likely the ones with a dog, or so the study has shown.

Dog for a healthier heart

The conclusion is that the researchers have drawn after many different studies are that dogs do help people with heart conditions. Dogs are also able to predict when a person will get a heart attack, and in many situations save you as well. When you are overworking yourself and you do not realize it, your dog might and he will try to stop you. Listen to what your furry friend has to say and show you.

Adopted dogs tend to be very grateful

Stress and anxiety is another reason why people with a weak heart tend to die fast. Well, having a dog will change that for the better, as it is known that dogs help you relax, get rid of anxiety and learn social skills that you might never know you had. There is a good reason why people call dogs their best friend, and if you never owned a dog, you should consider that decision.

Final word

However, keep in mind that owning a pet is not something to be taken lightly, as pets will always be dependent on their owners. It is similar to having a toddler all the time, as you will have to take care of their needs. So if you are not prepared to do this, then maybe owning a pet is not something you should consider.

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