Divorce Lawyers in Sydney

Many times, couples go through a rough patch in their life and there is no point of mending the broken pieces. Many people are affected by the decision of separation other than the couple. Most of the times, the children get affected more than the couple themselves. Divorce is a difficult phase for all. There are many professional lawyers who are experts in the field of family law. As per the Australian Law, a couple can seek divorce only after hitting a rough patch and living separately since last 12 months. The divorce application is to be filled and only after the hearing from the court can one finalise the divorce. And in between the procedure, no party can remarry.

These are the list of divorce lawyers available in Sydney:

  1. Edwards Family Lawyers:

Edward family lawyers are experts in giving advises regarding family law. They are a group of professionals who follow all the rules and regulations involved in the divorce proceedings. They even attend the court sessions on behalf of the clients. They explain the details patiently to the clients so as to make the procedure little bit easier for them. Once the whole process is over and the divorce is finalised, they help in settling all the other issues such as financial settlements, child custody, etc.

  1. Moylan Family Lawyers:

At Moylan Family Lawyers, they are the group of leading lawyers who are professional and experts in the field of family law. They treat each and every case with uttermost importance. The divorce cases are always sensitive; therefore it is handled by the experts with compassion. It is important for them to build a trustworthy relationship with the client so as to go deeper into the case.

  1. Lawyers Plus:

Lawyers Plus is in the field of family law since last 20 years and they have built a good reputation in this field. The lawyers treat every case with empathy. Divorce is very painful for all the couple who are going through this phase. Hence, the divorce lawyers in this firm take extra care of these cases. They build a mutual understanding with the clients so that the client feels comfortable enough to share their problems freely with the lawyers.

They provide care, support and understanding to the clients in an affordable way. Hence, they are renowned in their field.

  1. Doolan Wagner Family Lawyers:

They are a law firm which provides professional service for the field of family law to the clients. They are a group of experienced family law experts who believe in providing a decent service to the clients. They take care of each area of family law with compassion as they are always very sensitive. They also maintain a good client and lawyer relationship so that the clients are more comfortable with them.

Hence, if the relationship hits the roadblock, there is always a good chance of mending it back. But, once there is no other option, these divorce lawyers are to be approached as they provide good and quality services to the clients. They are affordable and passionate towards their work.

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