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Saturn produces blindness by cataracts and common colds, or by pin and web, by so on accidents but when Venus be posited most of the above pointed out angles, especially in the west, configurated or became a member of with Saturn, and Mars simultaneously elevated, or perhaps in opposition, the males then born is going to be not capable of propagating their species, and also the women either wholly barren, or susceptible to abortion, in order to the getting forth of still-born children, in order to for example follow the womb, and therefore are obliged to become separated by manual operation, or introduced away in pieces. This most generally occur in the twelve signs Cancer, Virgo and Capricorn. But when Moon is simultaneously within the ascendant, configurated with Mercury or Saturn, and using to Mars, what exactly are then born will have fun playing the nature of both sexes, and possibly be without any and all natural passage. It’s likewise found, when the sun’s rays be configurated with Mercury, and both malefic stars climbing within the following levels, the males will lose the people proper for generation, or perhaps be irreparably blemished or inadequate inside them, especially in the signs Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Aquaries and also the women is going to be naturally barren all of their lives.


Road blocks or blemishes within the speech are located to arise in the designs of Saturn and Mercury using the Sun, within the aforesaid angles specially when Mercury is posited in the western world, and beholds the Moon either by an opposition or quartile aspect. And when these designs are actually produced in mute signs, as with Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, the impediment will prove significantly greater. Again, when the malefic stars are posited in angles, and also the luminaries ascend for them either by conjunction or opposition or maybe the malefic ascend towards the luminaries, and also the Moon maintain her node in hurtful signs, as Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, or Capricorn, the defects from the body is going to be by lameness, gibbosity, distortion, or luxation. When the malefic stars are with the luminaries, these affections will occur in the birth but if they’re located in the mid-paradise, elevated over the luminaries, or towards them, they’ll arise in the concurrence of numerous accidents, for example falls, blows, wounds, and so on, throughout their progress through existence.


Blemishes happen typically once the Moon is within tropical or equinoctial signs. Within the vernal signs they signs. Within the vernal signs they’re chiefly occasioned by morphew within the summer time, by tatters within the fall, through the scurvy and during the cold months, by boils, along with other morbid eruptions. But illnesses mostly happen once the malefic stars are configurated within the aforesaid angles, but contrarily regarding the luminaries, viz., occidental towards the Sun, and oriental towards the Moon. During these positions Saturn induces to unusual coldness within the belly and reins, and subjects the indigenous to phlegmatic humours, bloody fluxes, jaundice, and also the whole train of hysterical affections. Mars occasions melancholy, illnesses from the lung area, fistulas, hot stomach problems, and putrefactions. If Mercury co-works with either of those ungtacious planets, it’s for that increase of evil, adding fresh violence towards the disorder, and possibly sooner inducing a fatal termination.

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