Benefits and Results from Testosterone

Testosterone when added externally to your body gives you powers to body build. It is however, a prescription only drug. People need supervision before choosing this. It is definitely effective but you need to know how safe it is.

The Food and Drug Administration, Drug Enforcement Agency, or even medical professions don’t recommend using the drug for bodybuilding. However, it is still used as a performance enhancer. The injection are only sold with prescriptions and used for treating hypogonadism in low levels. The drug is one of the Schedule III controlled substance and can harm your body when abused. The results acheived on testosterone are commendable, but must be used with caution.

How effective are testosterone pills?

Testosterone is used as a muscle building help that influences numerous parts of our body. However, it could be used by someone who has lower natural production of the hormone. If your levels are normal as per your age – for instance adult male has an average of 300 ng per deciliter to 1000 ng per deciliter – you might not have a huge difference with the supplements of testosterone. However, some people still add on the content for better bodybuilding results.

There are foods that improve more endocrine gland support, this include testes, pituitary, and hypothalamus gland. It is similar for natural supplement that have been in use for 1000s of years to boost testosterone level and to enhance libido and offer glandular nutrients, which increases over time. The results might not be as quick as injectable steroids. However, these are safer and come with few side effects.

People assume that testosterone when used for bodybuilding increases muscle mass while promoting protein synthesis, and these are the building blocks of muscles. However, muscle building, strength and growth rely on more factors than just this. Note that some gains in your muscle could be apparent during the steroid injection cycle, the muscle mass tends to be low if you discontinue the drug.

Side effects and Symptoms

Just like all other synthetic drugs, even testosterone has several side effects. The most common ones are listed below:

  • Headaches
  • Muscle pain
  • Muscle weakness and stiffness
  • Change in skin color
  • Hot flashes from high levels of estrogen
  • Insomnia or other sleep related problem
  • Added amount of anxiety
  • Moodiness
  • Depression
  • Shrinking testicles

The cause of shrinking testicles is because when body sees you have adequate level of testes, it stops producing more, and that leads to decrease in size. Thus, when you have synthetic testosterone, you will have low T levels, that bring in depression, moodiness and sleep issues. The above reasons are just few side effects that you can commonly have. The results acheived on testosterone will stay if you use the drug responsibly. You can get the drug in forms of gel, cream, lotion and spray, after the injections. Make sure you verify the quality of any product and then add it to cart!


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